Stream of blue

The Quilt Project, A collaboration between The Mermaid Players Dance Theatre Group, and the Dickinson College Choir

Stream of Blue
Stream of Blue

In response  to  Earth Seen from Above from ATLAS, the 1991 opera by Meredith Monk, the seven dancers explored their own imaginative spaces.  In the beginning, we collected our own observations of the music and used them as improvisation scores.  Virtual rehearsals offer new forms of dancing, dance making and performance.  In the process of making, the choreographer and dancers are constantly challenged by the many possibilities rather than the limitations.  This piece explores many ranges of movement as well as how the movements are captured by the camera.  As the piece unfolds, the observations become a storyline that is being told and seen from all directions where perhaps the viewers can see from their own perspective.

Choreography - Jungeun Kim in collaboration with the dancers
Music - Earth Seen from Above from ATLAS by Meredith Monk, full license provided by Boosey & Hawkes
Music Director – Amy Wlodarski
Collaborative Pianist – Brian Rotz
Audio Engineer- Patrick Oh
Video Recording - the dancers
Video Editing - Jungeun Kim 
Costume Design - Sherry Harper-McCombs
Light/Technical Design - Kent Barrett 
Textile Modifications – Sherry Harper-McCombs and Juli Bounds
Dancers - Jadyn Brick, Espoir DelMain, Molly Diggins, Hannah Hillegas, Kailei Lemis, Emily McFerran, Sarah Scarbrough  
Music Recording - Dickinson College Choir

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